Hello, friends today we write about blocks websites which are not works in many states or country. we know due to some potential or restricted information many country block websites. they are blocked IP address of all in the covered area who they are restrained.

I gonna show you how to show block website, I am from India and when I visit website ‘www.torrentz.eu’ it blocks by my ISP(Internet Service Provider). Some time your isp may block your website, so this is a different matter who is blocking. It is blocked by my ISP.


we are studying in colleges and they provide WIFI or LAN connection to students for educational purpose. they route internet services and they also blocked Facebook, Twitter, Youtube etc. if internet access you can access any website which you want. Management manages these things and restricts website access.

» How to access blocked website

If you want to access website then you can use VPN or Proxy.There is two way to access.

(A) -Through VPN Tunnel

VPN(Virtual Private Network)  is the most powerful tool which allows accessing block website .it will encrypt your connection and secure your privacy. at the time many VPN website and software are works which give you secure and encrypt.

you can use any VPN software ex PD-proxy, tunnel guru, cyber ghost, hide and others.I am using Vpnbook it is easy there are simple steps to set up. there are no needs to any software

First of all, create a VPN on your computer, we tell you how to create a VPN connection without any software.

  • Please open your windows control panel and search network and sharing centre1.
  • click on setup a new connection or network.
  • it will show many options but you choose Connect to a workplace2.
  • now click on no, create a new connection and choose VPN connection (PPTP).
  • After complete these steps click on {use my internet connection VPN}
  • there are two option internet address & destination name.
  • put into internet address your remote server where to want you to connect . as you see I am using us1.vpnbook.com and destination name as you want.
  • click to next and you enter the username & password. so you must go to website www.vpnbook.com   and take username and password here because they are changing our password week to week so your first check and enter here.
  • now you can click on connect and you will connect after waiting some time .it will show you are connected.

Now you can open any website with an encrypted connection. friends we choose any location instruction given on his website. they have many locations to use for free.

(B) Inserting Proxy 

You can access your website via the proxy server but some time proxy does not work properly but it will easy to VPN. but we can try it and there are many free proxies to work some software are connect you via proxy but you can use the proxy server on your browser .every browser have an option of proxy.you can check proxy on hidemyass, incloak and many others website which provides free proxies.

Some proxy we collect try these proxy download file.

Download Proxies

How to work proxy in windows system –

if you want to use a proxy server then you can put the proxy in your browser which you browsing or you can change overall with all internet function will work on the proxy.

Browser to changing your proxy server now you click on option/setting and go to advance option then click on network.

  • now you can choose the setting of connection and fill the proxy on given by me.
  • you can change your system proxy go to internet option>connection>LAN setting
  • you can put the proxy in address and port.

There are many steps we show with images and there are noting to difficulty so guys just do an open any restricted websites if you have any problem then you can contact us and comment.

So, guys, I hope you satisfied with my work so please Follow me on Facebook, Twitter and other you will touch with us


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