Blogspot is a blog website where you can create your own blog free with domain name. if you want to buy a custom domain then you can use it after some time or start time.Blogspot is a better way you can show your passion and earn from it. Nowadays many people using this method to earn money if you have an idea then you can also use Blogspot.There is nothing to do hard only you post your ideas and visitors come on your blog. Blogspot is the part of Google.

This tutorial for my “beginner brothers” who want to start blogging but they do not want invest money at the starting. This is the best platform you can write your thoughts without investing, also earn money through Adsense.

How to create a free Blog on the Blogspot

Blogspot is a web tool where you can create your blog free and now we discuss how to create an account on Blogspot and using it. you need a google account if you have ok if not create a google account at Gmail.

  • You may go Blogspot website and click on Create your Blog.
  • Choose your Google account which you want to create your Blogspot Account.
  • And choose your title and domain select carefully enter a professional name which part you interested  (playing, technical, food, entertainment) these are some niche whatever you interested choose.
  • You can choose a lovely theme which one you like good and attractive.
  • now you created your Blogspot Blog.

To registration of your blog is very simple on Blogspot. if you face a problem on registration free to feel and contact us.

Blogspot Necessary Steps

After you create your account on Blogspot you need to follow some steps you need to design your themes and some parts.

Before writing any post you have to create some pages and your menu bar because if your visitors come to your blog the can visit your website easily and comfort to take your blog tour. A few point take in the mind.

  • You need to create a menu related to your niche.
  • You must have some pages like About us, Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, Contact us these are some pages must because Google loves professional bloggers.  when you apply for Google Adsense, you can easily approve your Adsence account. A non-hosted blog might have struggled for Adsense account. Write quality content in your post and research keyword before posting an article.
  •   Always use meta description Tag on setting and enable it because keywords are mainly necessary.

these some simple tools who need any blogger to grow your Blog. Mainly who can not effort hosted blog you are welcome on Blogspot to create your own thoughts easily. if you want to create your personal blog you can here.

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Features of Blogspot-

 Blogspot have many benefits to another free blog provides, I think here you can create your own platform professionally and costumers love it. I describe here main features of Google Blogspot.

  • First and most Feature is this is a free tool covered by Google mainly Google open it for our Beginner people, who want to start but they can not find a liable platform to show up your passion.
  • You can choose the perfect design of your domain name there are so many templates flexible and responsive. Every templates simple customize options.
  •  Free Domain is a great opportunity given by Blogspot because hardly you buy a domain mostly 5-15 dollar. for fresher give your domain free After some time if you can buy your custom domain for your blog.
  • Very effective, you can earn money by monetizing your blog. Google gives this benefit for our passion. just post your passion and earn money from it.
  • Analytic is a good feature in Blogspot, you can track your traffic easily, Track your visitors where to come traffic on your blog. you can also be seen how much traffic on your blog.
  •   Blogspot gives you storage where you can store your images and data who can easily serve your Blog.
  • The last benefit is Google indexing if you write your content on Blogspot then google try your article indexing fast visible on the google search.

You can simply make your blog that is the best platform for freshers who are new in this field.


In the conclusion if you are newbies and want to come in the blogging filed I recommend you spend some money and create your blog on WordPress that is the amazing platform. there is no restriction you can do any with your if you want to promote a particular product then it is not possible on Blogspot. If you do not want to spend any dime then Blogspot is the best platform come here and show your passion.

Thank you guys, if you have any issue in this tutorial please comment and you can also suggest us any related information who is not included.

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