What is Alexa

Alexa is ranking tool that shows the ranking of a website. Before August 2016 Alexa gives a free tool where we can edit our site info but after this Alexa decide and change it to paid now we can not edit our site info. I think several bloggers think that they can edit your site on Alexa but after paid version, you have must a valid PayPal account or debit card. This is an only trustworthy of your visitors they feel secure and reliable to your website.website information on Alexa is effective and you have payment option then you must edit your information on Alexa. Many people are using Alexa toolbar on the browser for check website ranking.


Edit your website information on Alexa

You want to edit your website information on Alexa then you follow some steps you can edit your website info. you need a Paypal account or a working debit card because Alexa gives you 7 days free trial to use and see how does it working.

Take Alexa Subscription

You have to take Alexa subscription for 7 days. you can also take any plan which you want both have Alexa trial.Taking subscription follow these steps

  1. Visit website Alexa and you seen here Try & days Free click on here.
  2. You will see two option here choose anyone which you want to try.
  3. Fill up your detail on Alexa.
  4. After some time you receive a confirmation email from Alexa. Click here and confirm your subscription.
  5. You will show payment option enter your payment detail and click
  6. You get a success subscription information on your screen.

these steps are taken to Alexa subscription you must subscribe Alexa before update your website info on Alexa.

Update website info on Alexa

The final or last step is to update your website information on Alexa. I explain step by step…

  • You need to go your website which you want to update on Alexa.
  • Click on your browser’s Alexa toolbar and click on your website.
  • you reach Alexa website with your website information on Alexa.
  • scroll down and hit enter to Edit Site info.
  • you fill your website detail, the title of your website, Description, and there you can add upto 2 links to the page on your website.
  • you can select the country where you want to count rank of your website.

This is the full method to edit your website info on Alexa. I believe all steps are very clear, but you trouble in any steps you can comment us, I will try to eliminate your issue.


Friends if you don’t want to buy Alexa than eliminating your subscription within 7 days otherwise they will deduct your money.
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