Too many redirects is a loop problem in WordPress . its problem many times very difficult to solve. actually, this problem many causes sometimes it comes on the updating WordPress version .wordpress is a platform that works on PHP coding. it will redirect to infinitive and our website will not work properly . if you are using HTTP protocol and transfer it to https secure protocol then it makes huge problem guys we try to solve this problem and I do but it will many methods I can’t say which one work for you.

Methods of Redirect:-

Please Create your all website back up if any problem in these steps you can manage it

  • Rewrite .htaccess File
  • Code enter in wp-config
  • Resolving from Database

Rewrite .htaccess file

Friends, you can rewrite your htaccess file with your suitable URL means if you are using SSL certificate then you can change it according to you.

RewriteEngine on
rewritecond %{http_host} ^ [nc]
rewriterule ^(.*)$$1 [r=301,nc]

copy it and put on your .htacess file and then check it will work.Don’t forget to replace your website name.checked after clear your browser cookies data.

Edit wp-config File:-

You can edit your WordPress file via FTP or your hosting panel so many redirect change value in wp-config so you can solve it, editing config file


please enter your domain place of and put in your wp-config file then check it will work if not you can check the last one.

Resolving from Database:-

From database you can resolve it to changing your URL and site URL they are the main function that occurs problem

  • Go to hosting control panel.
  • click on Php, my Admin.
  • Choose your working database (which work with WordPress config)
  • Find wp-option and click.
  • You show on first and second column URL and site URL
  • Please put your actual URL on both.

just put your URL and choose the MD5 value to saving and check now your problem.

After all, if show this problem means its problem in your database not in your files many many thanks if your problem solved, guys I suggest you please take a backup before doing it because you change the value it may crash some data to your database.

Guys it problem may contain your plugins so deactivate all plugins and theme activate default theme and now check it. before checking clear your cookies data.

Thanks For reading my article, if you have any problem to solve this problem please tell us maybe we can solve it.

Thanks, guys now error should be removed from the site. if now you have any problem then comment us.

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