Hi, Friends today I will show that if you forget/loss your windows 7 password then how we can recover it. many people install new windows and lost your data and much more. if you have legal windows copy then you have too difficult removing your windows and installing windows with a fake key. I am sharing with you my best method you can try it and recover your data.

Windows Password Reset Disk

My advice every window users before you forget your password create a password reset disk to your pen drive it is a small file not to take a lot of space but after you lost your password you can not create a password reset disk this is only my recommendation to save your time and there will you reset your password easily .

How to create Password Reset Disk

All of you almost know how to create windows reset key but if you don’t know, Now I explain how to create.A simple way you create a reset disk follows steps.


  • You need to click on windows menu bar and search here Create a Password Reset Disk.
  • you need a floppy disk or USB flash drive.
  • There are some simple and easy steps I think you did yourself these steps if someone has problem to encourage these steps you can discuss I response ever
  • finally, you create your reset disk you can save it any of your mobile or where you want to store it.

Methods to Recover Your Windows Password

If you want to recover your windows password then there are some methods I will show you how we can recover my windows password. everyone knows windows is paid service we need to purchase before using it.

I think many peoples are using windows copy that’s is the wrong method I recommended you using windows paid version because it will more efficient for you.

you have an option if you create a backup of your windows then it might be an option you recover your windows password.

Recovery option is for genuine windows gives a Recovery Disk there you will restore your windows it may delete your all data so carefully read instruction before installation

Third-Party Software 

Third-party software that is not related to Microsoft company, you may call third-party software they can help you find your windows password or recover. This software is costly and you can search them on google you find there many many software who can recover or password. I suggest some software like

Note – I don’t recommend using off third-party software because they can your windows crash and any further movement which may loss of your data or windows.

windows recover Password (Recommended) 

I recommend you to use this method if you have your windows cd which you install the first time then you can recover your password I using this method that is the good and secure method there are you don’t need to install any software.

I describe it step by step.This is very simple you can easily change your password this method.

  • First of all, you need your windows cd or any boot-able pen-drive which includes windows files

  • Boot windows on your machine (computer)
  • Click on Repair
  • There are many options you choose command prompt.

  • you write command “net user

  • there you showing the list of your administrator guest all of how many you create accounts in your windows system
  • choose which you want to reset windows password.
  • Apply command “net user administrator password“.(iif you want to change your administrator password you can write administrator place of you pc name)

  • Note:- On the place of administrator put name which one you want to change Password and place of Password enter your password.
  • you show command successfully .that means you done it.

Friends, you recover your password via these steps easily and save your money and valuable time I expect that you have not a problem in given steps because they are easy and simple thank you guys enjoy.

We will not responsible for any kind of damage or Data Erase. Please Do it carefully.

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