Hello to everyone! If we are thinking about making a website online without spending the money. there is the right way is telling how we should do it. The front of the search page has several steps for you to use for your company domain and there are some steps to get your own website for your business and give you disk space and bandwidth to do your own blog on the internet for another purpose.You make money and earn money.

Take a Domain name:-


  • Domain name is essential for making your website, if you are a beginner and you do not want to spend money then you can register with free domain names like tk, ml, ga, cf, gq with Freenom and find your domain name with your suitable words.
  • There are simple and easy steps.just enter your suitable name in finding the free domain name and click to get it now. (if your entered domain name already exist then you can not take so you can choose another name)
  • Now click on get it now.
  • Fill up your details.you have to create your account/login with google plus or Facebook
  • can only use your domain after activation so wait for activation.
  • now you got your free domain name.
  • now you have a free domain name.you must a web hosting account for a store our website data consequently I have written articles how to create a free web hosting

Don’t worry friends we talking about free hosting .many companies give you a limited disk space with limited bandwidth so you can try these.

Free Web Hosting for your domain-

If you want to make free web hosting I suggest Hostinger is the best option.

  •  Hostinger gives you 2GB disk space with 100Gb Bandwith.
  • Hostinger allowed free domain (this is the main feature )
  • it is enough for a beginner.
  • if you want to write a blog then it is enough for you.
  • you just register on Hostinger and click free hosting then enter your domain name.
  • if you have followed these steps then you should not be any difficulties.
  • These are the simple steps to you make your web hosting free.


Updating the Name-servers:-

The nameserver is most important role if you do not change your nameserver .you can to access your website to your hosting panel.

  • if you make your domain on freenom then click on my domain and click on Manage Domain.
  • click on management Tools.
  • Just click on nameservers
  • Now click on custom nameservers(enter below)
  • Enter you hosting nameservers if you are using Hostinger then enter



  • Now finally friends you have a free website without cost, If you have money then you can choose high ranking domain names and unlimited web hosting with various host selling companies.FRIENDS ! If any step is not clear then comment or contact us.

Thanks, friends you can help other people to share this and like us our community and member of our community.


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