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Microsoft Windows is a multinational technology company from America. it was founded 1975 by William Henry Gates III. Microsoft business too big because they release many commodities in the market. Microsoft release many version of his operating system now windows recently version is running windows 10. windows 10 has many different features to his old version. Windows is not an open source product it is a copyright by Microsoft and they are responsible or upgrading windows version. in the demand, you have seen that windows demand is very high because of Windows is familiar and easier to use.

WIndows 10 Insider Program(Free windows activation) 

Microsoft before some time launch a program that monitors the windows bugs capability and much more. In a simple way when you start your windows insider program then the windows community track your activity and store it for his work because Windows is a most and popular operating system I think 85+%  people are using Microsoft WIndows.These responsibilities to Microsoft that they make more comfortable our operating system and visitor use it easily.

WIndows Insider program joins anyone who is using any version of windows operating system. This is a free service and you get activated windows officially absolutely free there are no hidden charges. You can also be called it windows activation program, they only trace your activity and checking bugs in windows. they do not track your personal data and activity so don’t worry about it.

Use windows original copy, if you are using windows fraudulent copy you may lose your data because this is not a trusted windows copy. I recommend you use only windows original copy

You think how we can take benefit of free windows activation then you can also say that anybody can take it I explain the procedure how you can take free windows 10 activation.

How to start Windows Insider Program

I think you can easily take it there is only one requires an account on Microsoft. You can easily create your account go to this Link.

  • When you create your Account you can go to windows insider program Link. click on the link and you will redirect the website of Microsoft click on sign in at the top of the right side. enter your email and password which you creates.
  • You need to click on get started and fill up all details and agreement and click ok.
  •  you need to download your windows preview version.

these are the images step by step you can download windows from insider program it is too lengthy approx. its size will be above of 4GB so guys choose LAN or wifi to download a big file that is easy to install after downloading. if you face any problem occurring installing windows on your pc/laptop you can comment us without any hesitation to any simple problem.

Final Word

Windows 10 insider program now using many people because it is genuine and trusted to Microsoft. I think if you are using any copy of windows you must change your windows into this preview program. you can increase your system performance and stability. At last, I am telling you this is a free program anyone can take it no matter which edition of windows is using in your pc/laptop.

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