We can use VPN in the mobile phone through VpnBook is a free VPN provider.they are provided VPN for free. if you don’t know what is VPN I explain the VPN is a tool which protects your privacy online .it mean if you want to surf securely you must use VPN. In another way, I say if you use VPN then your location changed real to another it depends on which server you selected.Nowadays VPN uses very much and every area uses VPN to encrypt his data.

As you show in the picture you show that the public router split wifi service and other system access internet.In the image public laptop to the website, middle create an encrypted tunnel which will secure your location and website.

How to use VPN in Android Phones:-

All of the Android version may support this function because it is also installed with your system operating system.you can use it free as I mention website in starting Vpnbook.com you can take their service absolutely free of cost.

you can use VPN-book with two type in your mobile.

  1. Use the VPN software OpenVPN
  2. Use your mobile default VPN settings.

These are basically two types of using VPN.

Use the VPN software OpenVPN:-

This is an application which will be installed in your android and use it unlimited. There are two benefits to the extra use of mobiles phones default. In the application, you choose the protocol which one you want to select.In many VPN software do not give you this feature to enter manually set your protocol.

  1. Download OpenVPN application
  2. please go to website and download certificate bundle.
  3. Upload it on VPN application.
  4. Use username and password click ok
  5. Connect and enjoy yourself.

Using mobile default Setting:-

Using the default setting it is simple and easy to use. we are using this method if you have a wifi connection than using it. this is the best method and it is also unlimited. I tell you how to create VPN on your Android device.

  • you have to go in your setting option.
  • Choose connection in the setting.
  • Please create VPN to click on add button. Samsung device has to put your screen lock on the PIN.
  • Fill up the detail as I mentioned.
  • If you forget how to put password and server address please go to website vpnbook.com
  • It will show you connected then check your location it will change.

Hi friends, This is the best method that  I know. So guys try these steps if you want to connected VPN(virtual private network).

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